Sterling Silver Rutilated Quartz Ring, size 9 – Dora's Silver Source

Sterling Silver Rutilated Quartz Ring, size 9

  • $50.00

This amazing ring is a coffee brown colored stone but so clear that you can see the rutiles (needle like crystals) throughout the stone.  Rutiliated Quartz is considered a mystical crystal that can help discover the true cause of an ailment.  They can range from a brownish, bloody red all the way through coppery or golden colors. Rutiles are these inclusions provide additional captivating shimmer and shine as light plays across the unusual and unique patterns found in each stone.

 There is a beautiful carpet of Orissa Rhodolite Garnets down the sides of the ring.  There is a single row of shiny White Topaz around the stone and it has Platinum over Silver.  Ring is size 9 and has a total gem weight of 15.8 cts!  

Estimated Retail Value is $400.  This is a true rare find from Brazil.



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